Comprehensive Physical Building and Asset Risk Assessments

The primary role of the business owners and board of director members alike is one of due diligence. A significant part of that duty includes ensuring that buildings and assets are safe. Find out why a Comprehensive Physical Building and Asset Risk Assessment is one of the most important first steps in the process to becoming more risk-resilient.

Comprehensive Vulnerability and Threat Assessments

One of the most overlooked responsibilities of business owners and board of director members alike is to prepare for the unexpected. A significant part of that duty includes ensuring that buildings and assets are safe. Find out how A Comprehensive Vulnerability and Threat Assessment can help you keep your property and assets safe for everyone involved.

Emergency Planning & Preparedness

Relying on government and local emergency services as the sole and absolute method of mitigating risk in emergencies very rarely meets the standard of care that is expected. Let us help you fulfill your individual responsibilities under law, not to mention the fiduciary obligations you have as business owners and governors.

Health & Safety

While Health and Safety should be a primary focus for businesses, organizations and communities, oftentimes the most basic and preventable risks relating to health and safety can be overlooked. With Riskboss, we will assist you in creating a resilient Health and Safety strategy to avoid potential issues.

Standards & Governance

At the core of any resilient business or organization are standards that have been created and implemented to withstand the test of time. Let our experts help you develop and customize the standards for your business or organization to help you overcome any challenges and leads to the realization of your established goals and objectives.

Quality & Compliance Assurance

Alarmingly, many business owners and board of director members alike far too often fall victim to, “organizational surprises”. These surprises are generally caused by a lack of quality and compliance assurance within the business or organization. Let Riskboss help you to develop a system that eliminates surprises in favour of a system that consistently meets and exceeds your expectations.

Want to learn more?

We would be happy to meet with you for a no obligation consultation to discuss your needs, and do a cursory examination of your potential risk factors. After our initial consultation - should you choose to engage our services - we would be happy to continue working with you develop a tailor-made approach to help you mitigate and manage your risk.

We will strive to get you from where you are, to where you want to be in terms of your risk.



Gary Ellis, Ph.D.

Program Head, Justice Studies University of Guelph, Humber
Toronto Police Superintendent (Ret.)

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Sam Klarreich, Ph.D., C. Psych.

Psychologist, Author, Senior Consultant
Previous positions held include:
Chief Psychologist at a major Toronto hospital
Director of an employee assistance program for a multi-national oil company,
Vice-president for a national career consulting firm
Managing director of a national human resources/management consulting firm.

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Gerald T. Miller

Managing partner of Gardiner, Miller, Arnold LLP

I am the Managing Partner of Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP. a condominium specialty law firm that services approximately1000 condominium corporations in Ontario. +Read More

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