Risk & Threat Assessment

Comprehensive Physical Building and Asset Risk Assessments

By engaging third party companies and industry professionals to identify risk, business owners and board of director members not only act in the best interests of a company or community by ensuring that independent due diligence is performed with respect to property and assets, but also meet the test of fulfilling individual responsibilities under law, as well as fiduciary obligations as owners and governors.

Comprehensive Physical Building and Asset Risk Assessments provide business owners and board of director members with an objective analysis that can assist in supporting future budget cycles to help mitigate the risk of buildings and property.

Such assessments are designed to act as a real-time picture of where a business or community is with respect to risk involving physical assets. From this, the Riskboss team can provide you with strategies to help you get to where you need to be and how to achieve targeted goals.

The primary question Riskboss hopes to assist you with is: Are you prepared?

Comprehensive Vulnerability and Threat Assessments

Time and time again, business owners, institutional leaders and board of director members find themselves embattled in lengthy (and often very expensive) judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings. This forces them to have to defend and justify their business and processes vulnerabilities that lead to risk and threats.

These proceedings can range from civil actions such as slip and fall incidents, up to and including being compelled to participate in Corner’s Jury Inquests regarding injuries or deaths due to flawed business processes and a lack of proper training. These legal battles almost always have a negative impact and can very often result in severe consequences including financial loss and community, business or institutional stigmatization.

When attending such proceedings, legal representatives will work through tried and tested checklists of questions. The following four questions are ones that lawyers will ask business owners, board of director members and managers alike when dealing with the direct or indirect causes of such events:

  • What did you (or didn’t) know?
  • When did you know about it?
  • What did you do about it?
  • When did you do it?

Riskboss, along with insurance providers and prominent law firms, have identified the fact that in most cases, incidents are generally predictable, manageable, and often even preventable.

The primary question Riskboss hopes to assist you with is: Are you prepared?

Why Riskboss?

At Riskboss we build relationships most of which have lasted since our inception in 2009.

We would be happy to meet with you at no cost to discuss your needs, review your risk and develop a tailor made approach to get you exactly where you want and need to be.