Preventing the Predictable

Service Excellence is our brand

We've built a reputation for providing exceptional service to our clients, and we go out of our way to live up to it.

Our team is the key to our success

Our professionals are all highly qualified and have the knowledge, skills and experience to exceed your expectations.

We are committed to our clients

We will get to the root cause of your issues and help you resolve them quickly, quietly and at a price that is affordable.

Our relationship with you

Developing strong, trust-based relationships is at the heart of our business strategy.

Education & Awareness

The genuine peace of mind and safety of our clients is our highest priority.

Working with Riskboss is an opportunity to partner with a full-service Risk Identification, Mitigation and Management Provider. We exceed our client’s expectations by only using highly skilled professionals who bring to the table first-hand experience in various fields as well as a wide range of resources to meet your needs.

Riskboss was founded in 2009, is 100% Canadian owned and operated, with its principal having over 30 years of experience

We specialize in risk identification, mitigation and management. It’s all we do.

Experience, expertise and results sets us apart from our peers. We are process driven, not personality driven, which leads to us exceeding expectations rather than just meeting expectations. Riskboss does much more than identify risk. We stand ready to help your organization or community to eliminate risk and plan your risk mitigation and management strategies moving forward. Guaranteed results.  Each time. Every time.

Education & Awareness

Our goal is simple: To become the unquestioned brand of choice in identifying, mitigating and managing risk.

Our attention to detail and advanced client-service model has earned us the reputation we have today. Testimonials from clients, law firms, property managers, and fellow outsourced service providers demonstrate the effectiveness of the Riskboss team in identifying, mitigating, and managing risk. Our brand is our ongoing commitment to our clients who continue to enjoy the highest level of service, care and satisfaction in the industry. We don’t just look to the past to help us prepare for the future, we identify and fill-in the gaps of today in order to help our clients circumvent the pitfalls of tomorrow. It is this business model that ensures our client’s expectations are always exceeded, and why Riskboss has developed a very strong reputation in this industry. That is our promise to you.

Experience Counts

The Riskboss team of professionals has a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of emergency preparedness, health and safety, operational and administrative process development, as well as governance creation and oversight. In addition to this, our team also has a wealth of professional contacts spanning multiple industries and sectors from which to call upon to ensure that our clients receive the best service that anyone can provide.

Experience Counts
Education and Awareness

Education and Awareness

Regularly called upon as guest speakers, members of the Riskboss team often engage with property management firms and business leaders on risk identification techniques, as well as risk management/mitigation practices.

Independent and Objective

In creating Riskboss in 2009, our principal wanted to build a company that was very different in its operation from its competitors. Our goal is to assist business leaders, politicians and communities to identify, mitigate and manage risk in an environment that is bias-free, independent and completely objective.

Experience Counts


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