Please Note: Riskboss does not work for, or with, developers.

Of all the services that Riskboss offers, working with residential condominium corporations is our specialty. Our experience dates to the mid 1990’s - even before the inception of Riskboss in 2009. Since then, we have been identifying, mitigating and managing the risk of residential condominium corporations.

Riskboss has worked with residential condominium corporations on a wide range of issues. Our principal has also previously been elected to four residential condominium boards, giving Riskboss and edge over our industry peers in allowing us to approach an issue from all vantagepoints.

Our industry-unique business processes along with the specialized programming that we offer were created by the professionals at Riskboss to enable condominium communities to become more efficient; adding to the quality of life and leading to greater resident satisfaction, while helping to curb risk.

These programs include our Short-Term Rental Prevention Program, our Extended Absence Unit Checks, our Access Control Programs, and our Fob Copying Prevention Program, all of which are unique to Riskboss and therefore not offered by our industry peers.

Our Comprehensive Independent Condominium Risk Assessment Report is truly a must-have for any residential condominium community and is leading the industry as a benchmark in quality that many other companies try to emulate. Our experts will go through and examine your property from top to bottom, inside and out to generate a report that will give you a clear picture about where your risk potential lies, along with specific recommendations on how you can mitigate it.