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Experience Counts

Experience Counts

Founded in 2009, Riskboss does one thing and one thing only and since inception it has had only one purpose in mind: To create a company that specializes only in independently and objectively identifying and mitigating risk and providing unique and outstanding client service, nothing more.

Riskboss provides outstanding risk investigative, management, and mitigation advice to notable organizations throughout the Greater Toronto Region (GTA).

With over thirty years of highly accredited expertise and experience, the Riskboss team have created standards that are simply unmatched. Studies conducted by Riskboss are the most comprehensive and relevant in the industry.

Members of the Riskboss team are on the speed dial of and are routinely called upon to provide advice and consult with law firms, Boards, leaders of property management companies, general managers of large corporations and have agreed to assist by leading (sub)committees regarding organizational risk related issues.

Riskboss has participated as a guest author creating articles in such publications as Canadian Security Magazine, CCI’s – Condo Voice Magazine, Condo Business Magazine and Condo News Magazine and semi-annually publishes Riskboss Magazine that has become the premier source of information on organizational and community risk.

Suffice it to say that the Riskboss team of professionals know how to identify and mitigate risk. All of this experience has assisted Riskboss to deliver intuitive and superior client service that mitigates risk to Boards, property managers and organizations.

The Riskboss team provides expertise and experience you can count on.