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Riskboss Alert – Illegal Entry Telephone Scam

Riskboss Alert

Illegal Entry Telephone Scam

Security guards working in condominium settings deal with hundreds of people each week both in person, by email and on the telephone. Guards often become very knowledgeable about residents in the building and their guests. At some sites because of high turnover of staff, familiarity about residents is difficult for security guards.

Riskboss wants to alert all condominium security guards and property managers of a recent increase in illegal entry telephone scams.

These scams usually start with a telephone call to the security desk often during the weekend or during the overnight shift. The calls are made during such times as scammers know that these guards are less likely to know residents as well as day shift or afternoons shifts guards.

Scammers gain knowledge and information about unit owners especially when the owner is out of town and may be unavailable for a verification call. They use this knowledge to impersonate owners or someone else on the access registration list to try and convince on duty security guards to allow access to their unit by a friend or relative by use of the Master Key. Scammers often add a sense of urgency like the friend or relative needs to get medication that is inside the unit. Scammers also threaten the security guard with repercussions if access isn’t granted. Once inside the unit, the relative or friend pillages the unit of valuables.

Condominiums can protect against illegal entry telephone scams by preparing in advance. Strong restrictions on the use of the Master Key is a great starting point accompanied by a higher authority check and balance call before a Maser Key is ever used. There should only be one Master Key to be used for emergencies and it should be locked down with a single point of allowing access. Using a lockbox for the emergency Maser Key is always a good idea.

When such calls are received, it is important to document the incident(s) and contact police for a follow up investigation. Lastly, like acceptable standards in many other businesses, condominiums should consider installing call recording technology for all calls at the security desk and property management office.

Robust process and training for all on site staff on these types of scams will make your community more risk resilient.

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