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Riskboss’ Virtual Terry Fox Run 2020

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Riskboss' Virtual Terry Fox Run 2020

It’s the Terry Fox Run today and as we do every year, Riskboss is participating. It is a challenging year for all and this year the run is done virtually. In Terry Fox’s words:

“Even though I’m not running anymore, people should go ahead and try to do their own thing.”

We are each doing our own thing to participate in the run. Samsonshield is pleased to announce that we hit our fundraising goal! The funds will go to helping achieve Terry Fox’s dream of one day, eliminating cancer worldwide. We hope to see many of you at the event next year! Thank you for your continuous hard work and commitment to our communities, especially during these unprecedented times. 

Photos of:

Quintin Johnstone, President & CEO
Alex Zhvanetskiy, Vice President
Marlene Vega, Chair of The Board Of Directors at The Samsonshield Foundation
Dawit Kiflu, Operations Manager